Where to Drink in Europe

Say cheers to to the continent's finest brew.  
Where to Drink in Europe 1
Nieuwe Diep distillery, Amsterdam. Photo Courtesy: Distilleerderij ‘t Nieuwe Diep

Amsterdam, Netherlands

In Amsterdam’s leafy Flevopark, Distillery’t Nieuwe Diep (nwediep.nl) has been distilling Genever and other liqueurs in an old water pumping station, surrounded by a large pond, fruit trees and herb gardens. Using old boilers the distillery produces over 100 products, all of which can be sampled in the Proeflokaal (tasting room) next door, along with other drinks. Its origins date back to 1880.


Berlin, Germany

At Fairytale (fairytale.bar), you’ll find what all of us look for—fairy tales in loaded glasses. This tiny, ingenious bar will take your drinking experience to a new high. Located in Friedrichshain, this bar offers its patrons drinks named after literary characters. There are many nods to Mowgli and Alice in Wonderland. To add to the excitement, waiters are dressed up in costumes from popular fairytales and you could expect some unholy temptation with potions popping up every now and then asking you to drink them.


Vienna, Austria

Beer at Wieden Bräu, a Viennese beer garden. Photo Courtesy: Wieden Bräu

Beer at Wieden Bräu, a Viennese beer garden. Photo Courtesy: Wieden Bräu

Vienna has a long tradition of breweries. If you want to sample some of the freshest flavours or bitter punch embodied in a pint of lager, visit Wieden Bräu (wieden-braeu.at), an old Viennese brewery house. These guys have turned brewing into an art form by mostly creating tastes that fall on the opposite side of all that is accepted and prevailing. A brewmaster from Bavaria ensures that here at the brewery house in the “Waaggasse auf der Wieden” light, malty and natural beers are served. Take in the tavern atmosphere where groups of locals gather to play cards or chat. Order yourself some sausage and quaff on one of their natural or ‘Zwickl’ beers.


Bratislava, Slovakia

Slovak Pub (slovakpub.sk), the largest bar in Bratislava, along with wearing the distinction of being one of its most popular, sprawls over 11 rooms, each dedicated to a certain stage of Slovakia’s history. One room is dedicated to Slovak intellectuals from the 1800’s, another to poets, one to Pribina’s Knights and one to a famous Slovak highwayman. It is one of very few pubs in Slovakia to have its own brick cellar cask larder, storing cask-conditioned beer at 8°C before serving. Pair your drinking binge with some Slovak cuisine, the produce for which is gathered from the pub’s own organic farm just outside the city.


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  • Debashree Majumdar is a failed skier and enthusiastic hiker. When travelling, she seeks out the hum of old neighbourhoods and the noise of bazaars. She is a freelance writer-editor and currently lives in Geneva.

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