When the World Rushes to Russia

The country, which is hosting FIFA World Cup 2018, has a rich and storied treasure trove of history, culture, nature and food for travellers to enjoy.  
When the World Rushes to Russia
Russia always revs up for big football events. This young fan takes to the Red Square before a Champions League final. Photo by Oleg Nikishin/Stringer/Getty Images.

Russia—vast and mysterious—can be a daunting prospect for travellers. Where does one begin to discover its turbulent and captivating history? Where can one experience its modern pulse, in step with the cool and trendy? Which cities must figure on every person’s itinerary?

Needless to say, one trip to the famed land is not enough to fully grapple with its myriad contradictions but if you had to make a journey to Russia, there is no better time than June 2018, when it hosts the FIFA World Cup. The matches, spread across some of Russia’s biggest cities, offer the perfect setting to not just partake in the sporting mania that will grip this nation but also explore its culture, natural landscapes, food and majestic monuments.

Our concise and comprehensive guide is a starter-kit for visitors planning to make this all-important journey. A detailed package, it covers basics like getting a visa, must-do lists for Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kazan and Sochi, and even a handy primer on understanding the local language. So calling all Russophiles…it’s time to get packing.


To explore more of Russia, see our FIFA World Cup 2018 guide to the country here.

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