When Humpback Whales Fall in Love

Watch the gentle giants slow dance (and then dance off).  
Humpback whales
Courting humpback whales approach each other with a tenderness that belies their size. They glide around each other, sneaking in a gentle graze and a delicate flick of a fin, to make that connection. Photo: RichardRobinson/Cultúra RM/Dinodia

Romance is better with a little song and dance, or so the humpbacks believe. Today’s video illustrates the rituals of two courting whales, narrated by the naturalist David Attenborough. Turn out the lights, turn up the volume, and settle in for this video: It begins with an elegant waltz backed by whale song, but then, something happens that changes the mood entirely.


  • Kamakshi Ayyar is a former member of NGT India's digital team. She is partial to places by the sea and desserts in all forms. When she isn't raving about food, she's usually rambling on about the latest cosmic mysteries. She tweets as @kamakshi138.

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