September 2016
  • Week 3

    Sep 17

    London Design Festival

    One of the most striking facets of this festival is the design projects and installations that pop up across the city, turning London into an artistic playground. The festival came about to highlight the city’s creativity by drawing on a slew of thinkers, practitioners, retailers and educators to celebrate design. There are exhibitions in museums, design fairs and a host of other aesthetic events each year.

    Where: London, England | Duration 17 Sep - 25 Sep

    Sep 17


    Queue up for a beery breakfast in Munich at this festival. Back in 1810, it started out as a horse race to celebrate the Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig’s wedding, but today, approximately seven million litres of beer get consumed at the festival each year. Hit the tents to guzzle a range of locally brewed beer. To really get into the spirit of things, dress up in traditional Bavarian costume. Use our guide to navigate your way through the festival.

    Where: Munich, Germany | Duration 17 Sep - 2 Oct

  • Week 4

    Sep 22

    Terra Madre Salon Del Gusto

    Celebrate slow food, a movement that aims to preserve local and traditional culinary styles, in the gorgeous city of Turin with this unique food festival. Every two years, thousands of farmers and food producers from 150 countries step into the city. The festival puts into practice ideas of the Slow Food movement. This edition of the event will take place not in a convention centre, but at palaces, theatres and cultural centres across the city. The 2014 event had sessions on urban farming, tasting sessions and cooking workshops along with projects like the Ark of Taste which documents food products that are becoming extinct.

    Where: Turin, Italy | Duration 22 Sep - 26 Sep