Watch The Highlights Of Our Talk On Quiet Places

Tips and inspiring stories from the well-travelled. | By NGT Staff  

Our last NGT Meetup on quiet places was a special one because we had three of our editors – Editor-In-Chief Niloufer Venkatraman, Deputy Editor Neha Dara and Web Editor Sejal Mehta – on the panel sharing their tips, experiences and knowledge on how to find calm in our chaotic lives. They were joined by sound designer Ayush Ahuja, an avid traveller who records sounds wherever he goes.

While Sejal spoke about finding peace in the forests and her experience of walking through a glow-in-the-dark forest in Goa, Niloufer talked about learning to enjoy her breaks without the constant buzzing of her mobile phone. Neha told us about the quality of the silence deep inside the Andaman Sea while Ayush spoke about how forest sounds seem to always seem to be in harmony.

The evening had a great mix of inspiring stories from our audience members, who shared their experiences of calmness whether paragliding in Nepal or camping in the Thar desert. Watch the highlights below:


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