Watch The Highlights Of Our Talk On The Great Outdoors

A video recap of what you should know before setting out. | By NGT Staff  

It’s safe to say that our last NGT Meetup on The Great Outdoors was one of our most inspiring ones yet! Our panellists had a brilliant evening talking with the audience about the wonders of Nature, the calm and peace one feels in the wild and the importance of making sure the outdoors are a part of all our lives.

Sumer Verma, an underwater photographer and scuba diver, shared anecdotes of the deep stillness of diving in Lakshadweep, and plunging into the waters of the Galapagos with a 1,000 hammerhead sharks. André Morris, who runs adventure and camping trips, emphasised the need to introduce kids to the wild at an early age. For NGT’s outdoors-loving Deputy Editor Neha Dara, it was unexpected wild encounters, like swimming in a dark cave in Trinidad and Tobago, that often made for the most memorable experiences. And of course, the vastness of the great outdoors often leaves us speechless; NGT’s Senior Editor Neha Sumitran told us about feeling like a tiny speck against the magnificence of a starry sky while on the Chadar trek.

For tips on how to choose a tour operator, the joys of spelunking and more highlights from the evening, watch the short video below:

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