Watch A Japanese Crew Clean An Entire Bullet Train In 7 Minutes Flat

The Tessei cleaning crew is a force to be reckoned with. | By NGT Staff  
Japan Bullet Train Shinkansen
Bullet trains connect most major Japanese cities. Photo: megawheel360/Flickr/Creative Commons (

The Japanese have always been known for their efficiency and cleanliness –– two characteristics they rightfully take great pride in. A new video shows just how serious the Japanese are about hygiene.

Filmed by Dateline Tokyo journalist Charli James, the video shows cleaning crews have just seven minutes to clean an entire shinkansen bullet train and prepare it for its next journey. The crew covers everything, right down to making sure the seats all face in the right direction. Rows are cleaned, luggage racks are checked, seats are swivelled, trays are wiped down and window shades are lifted up. According to the video, 323 bullet trains leave Tokyo station every day, transporting almost four lakh passengers.

James told Quartz, “I wanted to capture how Japanese people take so much pride in their work, and how they work really hard to make sure that the train is nice for people to ride.”

Take a look at the clockwork-like precision with which the Tessei cleaning crew does its job every single day.

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