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Video: The Surreal World of Avatar Comes to Life in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Floating mountains and magical rides in the Orlando theme park. | By NGT Staff  
Disney Pandora The World of Avatar
Everything is illuminated in Disney’s “Pandora—The World of Avatar”, including the bioluminescent forest in the river ride. Illustration: Disney/ Youtube

If you watched Avatar, you’ll remember the wide-eyed, blue-skinned humanoids (called the Na’vi) from the film, riding their flying banshees over glowing forests, and meditating beside ethereal trees. Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park in Orlando, U.S.A., is bringing their world to life, by painstakingly recreating the fantastic world of director James Cameron’s film from 2009. “Pandora—The World of Avatar” is slated to open in summer 2017, and is bound to draw as many adults as kids.

Walk below massive floating mountains,take a boat ride through Pandora’s ethereal rainforest, and soar through the air on a mountain banshee, with a ride that uses a flight simulator to recreate the experience. At dusk, Pandora glows—guests can stroll down paths glowing with LED lights, and play with illuminated plants that respond to touch. Take a look at Pandora below.

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