Video: The (Hilarious) Indian Train Toilet Experience

A stand-up comic looks at the crappier side of rail journeys in India. | By NGT Staff  
Stand-up comic Naveen Richard
Stand-up comic Naveen Richard looks at the crappier side of train travel in India. Photo: Them Boxer Shorts/Youtube

For many Indians, train travel brings back memories of summer holidays and family vacations. Long hours spent playing card games and tucking into dabbas of homemade theplas, chutney sandwiches, and occasionally, the Indian Railways’ iconic tomato soup. While our memories tend to veer towards the more nostalgic end, there are the not-so-rosy parts of train travel as well. Such as the train toilets.

Stand-up comedian Naveen Richard turns the spotlight on the sometimes-crappy experiences faced by travellers on outstation trains. Watch the hilarious video below, but fair warning: It can get a little nasty.

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