Trip Ideas: 5 International Destinations For a Quickie Holiday

Perfect for a short overseas getaway. | By NGT Staff  
shallow lagoons
Lagoons can be quite shallow, sometimes knee-deep, making them perfect for children and grown-ups who want to explore the ocean but aren’t ready for the deep end. Photo: Reinhard Dirscheri/Getty Images

There’s no time like the present to start planning your travels. We’ve got a winning list of easily accessible international getaways to make the most of a break of three or four days. Cruise the golden sand dunes outside Dubai, dive beneath the surface of the Maldives, feast on delicious Sri Lankan fare.

Snorkel in the Maldives

Over 99 percent of the Maldives is water. The remaining one percent is divided into hundreds of little islands, most fringed by stunning coral reefs. Slather on the sunscreen, rent a snorkeling mask, and spend the day following baby reef sharks, spiral coral and feather stars. Intersperse ocean explorations with lounging on the islands’ exquisite beaches. Whether you’re planning a trip with your family, significant other, or a raucous group of friends, the Maldives is a great getaway. Here’s our guide to a world that is more blue than green.

Go Dune Bashing in Dubai

dune bashing dubai

Effort is made to ensure that the four-wheel drive in the desert is safe. Photo: David Trood/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Once you’re done with the mandatory mall visits and pictures with the Burj Khalifa, we recommend heading out of Dubai city. Leave the concrete jungle behind and set your sights on the desert dunes instead. Sample a slice of the Bedouin life with packages that include a safari, dune-bashing, and camel rides. Over a dinner of kebabs, watch a bellydancing show or simply drink in the magnificent views of the dunes at dusk. The night sky is even more spectacular. Read more here.

colombo food Sri Lanka

Pittu, a dish made of steamed rice flour and coconut, is popularly eaten for breakfast. Photo courtesy Palmyrah at the Renuka Hotel

Eat Your Way Through Colombo

Sri Lanka has a lot going for it. Beaches straight out of a postcard, lush forests, thriving wildlife, and a laidback island attitude that makes it hard to leave the country. But there’s something else: the glorious, coconut-flecked food. Fragrant curries, flaky kotthu rotis, and seafood fresh from the ocean. Follow our guide to discover what to eat, and where, in Sri Lanka’s charming capital city.

Discover The Temple Ruins In Siem Reap

Cambodia is ideal for a short holiday because it’s close by, steeped in culture, and doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket. Explore the haunting Angkor Wat temple, visit stilling monastic complexes (that you may recognise from the Tomb Raider films), and dine on delicious French and Cambodian cuisine at Siem Reap’s chic cafes. Our guide will tell you all you need to know to plan your trip.

siem reap Cambodia

The sprawling temple of Angkor Wat is spread over two square kilometres. Photo: José Fuste Raga/Age Fotostock/Dinodia

singapore quay

Singapore is a great favourite of many Indian tourists. Photo: Leonid Yaitskiy/Flickr/Creative Commons (

Explore Singapore

Singapore’s an oldie but goodie, an all-time favourite with Indian families looking for a quick holiday that checks all the boxes. There are manicured parks, world-class zoos that give children the chance to meet fascinating animals, and an entire island dedicated to fun. But there are grown-up lures too: Hang out at the tranquil Botanic Gardens, tour the city’s quaint old neighbourhoods and funky new bars, or go sky-diving in Sentosa. Read our guides here and here.

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