Travel Reads: Books That take You From Paris to Polynesia

What you should be reading now. | By Don George  
A Polynesian voyaging canoe. Photo: Monte Costa/Photo Resource Hawaii
A Polynesian voyaging canoe. Photo: Monte Costa/Photo Resource Hawaii


By Simon Winchester (2015)
Mixing history, science, and personal anecdote, Winchester explores the body of water that covers one-third of the globe’s surface, encompasses thousands of islands (including Oahu, in picture) and hundreds of cultures, and connects the U.S. and China.

Black Dragon River

By Dominic Ziegler (2015)
Ziegler recounts a rigorous journey along the rarely visited, 2,824-kilometre-long Amur River, which separates Russia’s wild Far East from China’s economically burgeoning northeast.

Recipes For Love and Murder

By Sally Andrew (2015)
In this debut mystery novel (and cookbook), protagonist Tannie Maria is a cook turned recipe columnist whose innocent sleuthery uncovers a stew of passion and corruption in her rural South African hometown.

The Only Street in Paris

By Elaine Sciolino (2015)
From a hundred-year-old left-wing bookstore to a greengrocery owned by a Tunisian immigrant, former New York Times Paris bureau chief Sciolino celebrates her favourite street, the Rue des Martyrs.

Appeared in the May 2016 issue as “What to Read Now”.


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