Travel Diaries: Glimpses of Unseen India, From Ladakh to Kerala

Stories from across the country, in photos. Powered by Nikon.  
Kerala Mask
The mask plays a crucial role in Kerala’s theatrical tradition. The colour of the makeup can indicate a character’s emotional makeup and virtues. Green is the colour of heroes; red of aggression and ambition. Photo: Abhishek B.A./Nikon

It’s hard to imagine taking a journey without keeping a visual record, especially in a country with as diverse cultures and shifting landscapes as India. Kerala’s greenery is matched by the vibrancy of its temple festivals and theatre forms. Ladakh’s stark mountains are softened by its monasteries and rosy-cheeked, gentle inhabitants. Rajasthan is a living testament of how colour can transform a desert landscape. When it comes to capturing such spectacular beauty, it is crucial to have a high-quality camera, like Nikon, which is trusted for its compact cameras and DSLR cameras.

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