The World’s Largest Passenger Plane Stripped Down in 2 Minutes

Go behind the scenes with this time-lapse view of the overhaul of an A380.  
Airbus A380 Emirates
Over 1,600 parts from inside the cabin were removed, overhauled, and put back in place. Photo: Emirates Airlines

Over 55 days towards the end of 2014, Emirates overhauled its very first Airbus A380 in a 3C-Check – the largest maintenance check on any aircraft.

The plane, registered A6-EDA, was taken apart and refurbished in Dubai. A team of engineers stripped away over 1,600 parts from the cabin interior, including four engines weighing 6.7 tonnes each. Prior to the 3C-Check, the plane has clocked some impressive numbers. It has flown approximately 20 million miles and transported roughly 1.2 million passengers.

This process usually takes place behind closed doors but Emirates posted a 2-minute time-lapse view of the stripping down of this 276-tonne beast. Watch the video below.

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