The Truth About Desi and NRI Travellers

All India Bakchod and YouTube star Superwoman turn the spotlight on people we all recognise. | By NGT Staff  
All India Bakchod Traveller
Desi travellers never forget their food and their sweaters. Photo courtesy All India Bakchod/YouTube

Indian travellers, whether desi or Non-Resident Indians (NRI), have certain stereotypes attached to them. Indians leaving the motherland to travel overseas almost always cart extra sweaters and load up on comfort food like thepla and kachori to make it through their journeys. NRIs carry medicines for every imaginable affliction, and skip the lengthy family introductions that are so common in India. Desi travellers struggle in international washrooms that don’t have “muggas” (read: mugs).

Comedy collective All India Bakchod and YouTube star Lilly Singh a.k.a Superwoman riff on our idiosyncracies in the video below. Take a look:

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