The Hilarious Truth About Gujarati Tourists

East India Comedy’s take on India’s most avid holidaymakers. | By NGT Staff  
EIC’s Azeem Banatwalla turns a spotlight on Gujaratis. Photo courtesy East India Comedy

India’s many communities have generated their own set of stereotypes: Punjabis are loud and love their drinks, Tamilians are all about the rice, and all Bengalis want are fish and Rabindra sangeet. And then there are the three Ds of the Gujaratis: dhokla, dhandha (business) and dandiya. And while they all represent important aspects of Gujjuhood, let’s not forget that Gujaratis are great travellers too. Merchants from the dry state have ploughed the seas for generations, trading with countries across the world. Today their descendants are doing the same, for work and pleasure.

The East India Comedy’s Azeem Banatwalla shared his humorous take on Gujarati tourists in the video below. Take a look, and please remember this is only to make you laugh. We’re not looking to offend anyone and we think this video is very saras (nice)!

Translations for our non-Gujarati brothers and sisters:

Aavi jaa: Come!

Aame toh evachh chhe: We are like that only.

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