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It's more than just a frequent flyer programme.  
Photo by Charles Bowman/The Image Bank/Getty Images.
Photo by Charles Bowman/The Image Bank/Getty Images.

The end of the year is always the best time to take a vacation. And, although, I was aware that holiday season usually means sky-rocketing prices, especially on flight tickets and hotels, I knew that I wanted to take some time off. I decided to take a trip with some of my oldest friends. A group vacation has been on our cards for as long as we could remember, but this year, I had made up my mind to convince them (and myself) to spend a couple of days in London.

Since we hadn’t planned much and this was the first time we were taking a group trip, we decided to travel smart. It was then I remembered that I had a JetPrivilege membership, something that I had signed up for but never used. When I asked my squad, turned out each of them had memberships lying around too, but had never actively used them. I figured this was a good time to understand how the membership works and see if I could use it to plan our trip.

I made my way onto their website and was stunned. We were under the impression that JetPrivilege was just a simple frequent flyer progamme, but after going through the website, we realized it is so much more than booking air tickets. One could earn JPMiles by booking a table for dinner, hotel rooms and shopping, among other things.

My friends and I managed to find our JetPrivilege membership numbers and booked our air tickets immediately, earning our first set of JPMiles. We were careful not to book around the peak holiday season, which meant we’d give Christmas a miss, but get in right as the city turned into a winter wonderland.

I was a little confused on how I could utilize my membership to its maximum. My friend Mridula, a part of the London gang, told me that we should start by booking our hotel on JetPrivilege. We began to scan through the available options. From the centrally located but tucked away Stafford London Hotel, which was close to West End theatres, to the elegant Georgian townhouse that was Hilton London Green, the options were limitless.

It took us a while to figure out a hotel only because there was so much to choose from but we came to a group consensus and picked the Le Meridian Piccadilly. And again, we earned a whole bunch of JPMiles.

By using my JetPrivilege membership for this trip, I was paving the way for a lot more vacations in the near future, since I could use all the JPMiles used from this one for the next trips.

Photo by Gonzalo Azumendi/Photolibrary/Getty Images.

Photo by Gonzalo Azumendi/Photolibrary/Getty Images.

London holds a special place in our hearts; we all grew up reading about the city and watching movies that emphasized on the celebrations around the holiday season, with all its festivity strewn around the city in the form of twinkling lights and candy colored store displays.  And we were getting in just in time to see the beginnings of the famed Christmas markets.

We had already decided that we would review each and every tour; apparently we’d earn JPMiles by reviewing our hotels and tours on TripAdvisor and this was an opportunity we weren’t going to miss. More JPMiles mean more advantages for all our future trips.

As we got closer to the date, we checked the temperature; it was all in single digits. We all needed some new luggage for all the winter wear.  A few clicks, some online shopping and a few hours later, all of us had brand new shiny travel accessories, and some warm trendy winter clothes! And guess what, all of this earned us even more JPMiles since we did our shopping through JetPrivilege.

It was imperative for us to have a few international calling cards among us; we were travelling in a group. In my past experience, these have been silly expensive when bought from local stores. Who but JetPrivilege came to our rescue; they had offers on some of the most trusted international calling cards. Problem solved!

Thanks to our JetPrivilege memberships and our decision to travel smart, we were about to have a December break to remember and a JPMiles collection.

This is my JetPrivilege story, what’s yours? And, don’t worry if you aren’t a member yet, it is never too late to enrol. Enrol today and start collecting your JPMiles. And who knows, your next dream destination can be on a free flight!

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