Sponsored: Shooting Panoramic Spiti with my Vivo

Surrounded by the majestic Himalayas, the mystical valley of Spiti is captured by my Vivo V11Pro.  
Sponsored: Shooting Panoramic Spiti with my Vivo
Photo Courtesy: Vivo

The spectacular region of Spiti is every photographer’s dream come true; snow-clad mountains, magnificent landscapes and scattered settlements painted in vivid colours under the enormous blue sky spattered with fluffy, white clouds. So when I had the chance to photograph this hamlet region, I was elated. Geared with my Vivo V11Pro, I headed to the breathtaking Spiti Valley.

While the rugged terrain frosted with snow makes for great pictures, we brave it to move around in our car. This is the first time I am not carrying my DSLR. As we stop our vehicle to capture the majestic Himalayas, I am instantly convinced that shooting with the Vivo V11Pro is a fantastic decision.

When we finally make it to Kompi, the world’s highest village, I am mesmerised by the untouched beauty of this region. The bowl shaped region houses tiny clusters of homes and a few strewn eateries. Our quintessential bucket list naturally includes the picturesque Langza Buddha Statue. As I click away, I am amazed by the phone’s ability that allows me to go close to the details without losing the picture’s sharpness. Even shooting against the light isn’t an issue; its HDR mode balances it automatically. Later, under the starry sky, I look back at the pictures by the campfire and I am elated.

The next day, we head to the Tabo, a village on the left bank of the river Spiti. As I explore the region on foot, locals greet us with toothy smiles that I eagerly capture on the phone’s manual mode. Our last stop is the sacred Tabo Monastery where I am pleasantly swayed by the plethora of colours.

The trip has left the adventure lover and the photographer in me euphoric. And thanks to my Vivo V11Pro, the memories will remain intact forever.

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