Sponsored: On the Hunt for the Perfect Model

Renowned lensman, Atul Kasbekar, goes in the hunt of his next find behind the wheel of his trusty companion. Powered by Volvo.  
Atul set out to find his elusive supermodel with the perfect companion - the Volvo XC60.  Photo Courtesy: Volvo
Atul set out to find his elusive supermodel with the perfect companion - the Volvo XC60. Photo Courtesy: Volvo

It is easy to become entangled in the web of life’s mediocrity as routine lulls you into a false sense of comfort. But oft-times, the overwhelming desire to break free from the humdrum life prevails. It brings along the yearning to feel the wind in your hair; to explore the world beyond your comfort zone in the pursuit of contentment. And it is pandering to such instincts that allow you to be consumed with a joie de vivre that had been missing from life. Renowned fashion photographer Atul Kasbekar has been seeking the same joy albeit in the form of the ‘perfect shot’. He believes his quest for satisfaction will culminate in the next big thing – the supermodel that hides in the hinterlands.

He packed his equipment into the XC60’s amply spacious load compartment made even better by its division into two sections – affording him the convenience to separate fragile instruments and gadgets from other baggage. Finally, Atul set out to find this elusive model with the perfect companion – the Volvo XC60. The premium SUV offers the ideal combination of refinement and the ability to take on any terrain with utmost ease. Seated comfortably in his Scandinavian companion on four wheels, Atul drove away from the urban chaos to unfettered landscapes that offered calm and tranquil view in abundance. In addition to finding his muse, this voyage was also about exploring the various hues that make up the motley spectrum of reality of our existence.

So far, the drive had him driving along pretty much a straight road. But as he got further away from the city, all sorts of terrains and a stunning change in the landscape welcomed him. And as he negotiated tight curves with sparse visibility, the Volvo XC60’s Park Assist Camera’s front blind view came in handy. The lack of visibility can be understandably stressful – so this is where the system’s 180-degree field of vision in front of the car comes in. It projects the image onto the seven-inch center display, allowing Atul to take on the road with supreme confidence.

Before long, Atul found himself driving through a scenic village – an inviting stopover that also seemed to offer the hope of finding what he had been looking for so eagerly. Though a considerable amount of the roads in and around the village had been reduced to mire, the car’s all-wheel drive remained ensured getting around the area was free and easy. And with the XC60’s rear park assist camera at his service, the task of parking the car was immediately rendered effortless as he decided to continue his search amidst the rustic charm of this village.

As he took in the extraordinary panorama of the village and its remarkably ordinary life, he steadily became aware of life in a rural setting. Lush greenery, it seemed, was a vital part of practically every villager’s life here. The area’s elderly huddled together at the feet of a Banyan tree as they discussed the day’s affairs. In another corner, Atul observed numerous groups of children engaged in varied games. He smiled as he noticed a group of particularly young ones trying to conquer the game of hide and seek.

From the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of a lady walk past. He immediately knew he had found what he was looking for. The woman, draped in a saree, looked like a vision as the worn sun’s rays reflected against her bronze skin. He was mesmerized by both her beauty and the land’s topography. He had found his ‘perfect shot’.

Soon enough Atul decided to walk through the cool, breezy landscapes, feeling the freshness of cold zephyr caressing his senses. It’s the most gratifying feeling – one of real accomplishment. It’s almost as if it is the end of the world and he’s staring into the expanse of brilliance of this land.

He slowly walked back towards his faithful and steady companion on this gratifying journey. He leans against the XC60 to gaze at the setting sun, as if to pacify the restive demon inside that can never get enough. It is as if the sun whispered to him that it’s an unending journey and then assured him that they will meet again — with a new vista and renewed passion. With the hope of another lively rendezvous, Atul hit the road to return to the pandemonium of the daily grind. While the day had been wonderfully fulfilling, he quickly succumbed to the warm embrace sleep as soon as he returned. Little did he know the next morning would bring along with a completely new beginning!

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