Sponsored: Indulgence in Ladakh with Vivo

Exploring Ladakh's vibrant colours with my Vivo V11 Pro.  
Sponsored: Indulgence in Ladakh with Vivo
Photo Courtesy: Vivo

I have always been fascinated by nothingness and my first time in Ladakh was every bit of my fantasy coming true, filled with azure skies, colourful landscapes and vibrant spaces. With the hope to capture the essence and spirit of Ladakh, I set into the region, armed with my Vivo V11 Pro.

The enchanting mountains make for the perfect backdrop to the gompas (Tibetan Buddhist monasteries) that are strewn with multihued prayer flags; Ladakh, with its mystic landscapes, bold prayer wheels and the dun coloured Leh Palace, is every traveller and photographer’s Mecca.

I played with colours (and the features in the Vivo V11 Pro) to capture everything—from traditions to culture to breathtaking portraits of the local village folk. When exploring in and around the white dribble of an edifice that is the Shanti Stupa, I used one of the phone’s many unique features, the backlit HDR that enhanced the light conditions, making the subject look brighter.

Looking up at the Leh Palace, known as the ‘Lhachen Palkhar’, with its nine-storey history of the 17th century Namgyal dynasty of Ladakh, overlooking Stok Kangri and the Ladakh mountain range, I clicked away at the tan structure. An avid traveller, I have always believed in the existence of a unique spirit within each space, be it a village or a city& with my Vivo V11 Pro, I strived to capture that unique spirit.

The soft tones of Leh’s Old Town, filled with old mud brick houses and the trio rigsumgonbo with the mini-stupas, combined with the vibrant prayer flags of Shey Monastery and the bustling market scenes of Leh market, all reflect the local spirit of this beautiful land.

Teaming up with my Vivo V11 Pro, I took to the blank canvas that was Ladakh when I first arrived and played with vibrant colours that were offered to me in the most pristine and picturesque locales, we fondly refer to as Ladakh.

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