Sponsored: Capturing the City of Joy with my Vivo V11 Pro

From the iconic Howrah Bridge to the glitzy Durga Puja celebration, my Vivo V11 Pro clicked it all.  
Sponsored: Capturing the City of Joy with my Vivo V11 Pro
Photo Courtesy: Vivo

The usually laid back city of Kolkata transitions into a charming chaos of colour and energy during the annual festival of Durga Puja. As I walk around the city with my Vivo V11 Pro, I am smitten by its celebratory hues.

The allure of the festival is post sunset, but I start my day early at the Ghats overlooking the Howrah Bridge. I delightfully capture the locals as they immerse themselves in cool water.  I then follow the fragrance of fresh flowers and incense to reach the bustling flower market. Greeted by women meticulously picking the right shades to ornate their idols, I gleefully adjust the phone’s ISO, shutter speed and aperture to capture it all.

A visit to the city is not complete without a ride down the memory lane in the iconic trams. This is where the old meets the new and where Calcutta meets Kolkata. The Puja festivities sure get Kolkata competitive, with each pandal trying to outdo the other. Out of the window, I watch women in characteristic red bindis and white saris laugh as they head back to their pandal.

Armed with a fully charged phone and a few hours of rest, I am ready for the festival. As I hop from one pandal to another, I’m already glad I am not lunging around with my bulky camera. Vivo V11 Pro is a crowd-friendly companion allowing me to navigate quickly through the crowd and get fantastic candid shots without intimidating my subjects. I make my way closer to the idol and use the AI low light mode to get some of my favourite shots from the trip.

The last day of the celebration is full of music, dance and colour as married women smear sindoor on the goddess and then on each other as they bid the goddess goodbye. As I revisit the pictures, I realise that Vivo V11 Pro has captured the moments exactly as I remember them.

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