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The Rhine River is famous for fairy-tale castles, imposing fortresses and jaw-dropping scenery. Photo Courtesy: Germany Tourism
The Rhine River is famous for fairy-tale castles, imposing fortresses and jaw-dropping scenery. Photo Courtesy: Germany Tourism

Castles steeped in mystery, enchanting riverine valleys, charming villages, and pulsating cities, Germany is an unexpected surprise waiting to be discovered. All efforts are being made to make destination Germany barrier-free. Special provisions and mindful inclusions make travelling through the country and enjoying its top tourist attractions accessible for pregnant women, families with young children, and senior citizens hassle free and fun. With a number of new initiatives the country is redefining the way physically disabled people, those who are visually or hearing impaired, and those who suffer from learning disabilities experience travel.

So come to Germany where nothing is impossible and travel is barrier-free.


mudflat Germany

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Explore the mudflats of Wadden Sea

With its unique landscape of mussel beds, mudflats and thick sea grass meadows, Wadden Sea, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in the northern part of Germany is a little piece of paradise. When water levels are low, go on guided walks across the mudflats and discover the many unusual creatures that reside there. There are special three-wheeled wheelchairs for those who may require them. Fitted with large, tread-free wheels, they are easy to push and do not sink into the soft mud.





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Cycle around the Lusatian Lakes

Peddle your way around the Lusatian Lakes, a collection of 26 waterbodies that were once open mines. When the mining ended the desolate landscape was given a new lease of life and converted into what is today an stunning system of lakes, complete with soaring pine trees criss-crossed with a multitude of cycle routes. Blind or partially-sighted visitors can enjoy an exhilarating cycle ride via tandem tours with pilots trained to cycle with non-sighted companions. For those with restricted mobility, hand bikes, e-bikes, wheelchair tandems and multi person bikes can be hired.



Rhine castle, Germany

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Cruise down the Rhine

Glide over the gentle waters of the Rhine, a river that has shaped Europe’s history in many ways than one. Go past fairy-tale castles, imposing fortresses and enjoy jaw-dropping scenery. Experience fine German hospitality aboard one of the several ships, that have special facilities for those with restricted mobility, such as restaurants with wheelchair accessible tables, adapted toilets, on-board taxi service, and free travel for a companion or carer and/or a guide dog.




Photo By Suman4th/Shutterstock.

Photo By Suman4th/Shutterstock.

Go on nature trails in Eifel National Park

Chase gurgling streams running through beech and oakwood forests in the Eifel National Park. With over 230 endangered plant and animal species, the park is a haven for nature enthusiasts. Special sensory tours are offered to those who are blind or partially sighted. For people with hearing problems, there are sign language tours on offer. In addition, mobile amplifiers with audio induction neck loops or headphones can be borrowed. Horse-drawn carriage tours, boat trips with rangers, and several other outdoor activities are available for those who have limited mobility or families with young children. Tailor-made activities for those with learning disabilities can also be booked in advance.


Photo by telesniuk / Shutterstock.com.

Photo by telesniuk / Shutterstock.com.

Watch a football match live in ESPRIT-Arena

For football fans there’s no better experience than watching a match live, cheering for your favourite players from the stands. Join the revelry and enjoy the game at ESPRIT-Arena complete with 96 wheelchair accessible spaces. A personal commentator can be booked to help blind and visually impaired visitors make the most of the action. So what are you waiting for?





Photo by Andreas Rose / Alamy Stock Photo.

Photo by Andreas Rose / Alamy Stock Photo.

Hike through the Lüneburger Heide Nature Park

Looking to tune out of city life and experience the fine German outdoors, then make your way to Lüneburger Heide Nature Park. Lose yourself in this 1000 year old landscape, filled with ancient woods, bubbling springs, herds of sheep and farmland. Set out on foot, bike, horseback or in a horse-drawn carriage across this magnificent heathland. As regular wheelchairs cannot be used on the hiking trails, make use of specially designed hiking wheelchairs to explore the nature park. In addition carriages have also been constructed to accommodate those with restricted mobility. Relax after all the physical activity at one of the many local restaurants and inns that serve lip smacking food using locally sourced produce.

So what’s holding you back? Plan your barrier-free holiday to Germany today!

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