Sightseeing Singapore: Get Your Fix Of Culture, Heritage And Adventure

Our favourite stories from the city in honour of its golden jubilee. | By NGT Staff  
Singapore Quay
Singapore is a great favourite of many Indian tourists. Photo: Leonid Yaitskiy/Flickr/Creative Commons (

As Singapore celebrates its 50th anniversary this weekend, we decided to share some of our favourite stories of the city. What Singapore lacks in size, it more than makes up for in the sheer variety of things for visitors to see. Whether you’re a nature lover, a thrill seeker or travelling with family, Singapore has something for you.

Urban Adventures

Adventure isn’t a term usually associated with Singapore, a city better known for malls and innovative architecture. However, Singapore believes that what it lacks, it can simply build. Adventure sports can be found at the unlikeliest places in the city. The facilities may be artificial, but the thrills are quite real. – Azeem Banatwalla.

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Appeared in the July 2012 issue as “Urban Adventures”.

Oasis of Calm

Despite its perfectly pruned trees and bursts of purple bougainvillea, Singapore is still a city, and it can get to you. When the high-rises and the throngs of pedestrians walking at alarming speeds that only urbanites attain are all too much, there’s no better place to unwind than the Botanic Gardens. Stepping into the 182-acre gardens is like entering the heart of a forest. The air is fresh and rings with the sound of water splashing from the myriad tiny fountains where children pause to dip their fingers. – Aysha Tanya.

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Appeared in the May 2015 issue as “Urban Oasis”.

Heritage Tour

As the engines roar to life, I look forward to viewing Singapore’s famous skyscrapers and historic buildings. The tour will take us downtown, into the heart of the business district where its most impressive superstructures are. Our guide informs us that Singapore’s architecture is a mix of colonial buildings and modern skyscrapers. There are 4,300 completed high-rises, the majority of which are located in the Downtown Core area. While designing skyscrapers, architects had to ascertain that these would be a good fit for a tropical climate. The sleek, clean lines of modernistic buildings were retained, while surrounded by lush landscaping. Some buildings employ metal and wooden window blinds where possible, to avoid trapping heat. – Kamala Thiagarajan.

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Appeared in the November 2014 issue as “Singapore Swing”.

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