Rock Stars of Utah’s Arches National Park

Millennia-old formations and the comfort of an old friendship colour a hike in Arches National Park.  
A Hundred-Foot Journey Through Utah
The Windows section in the Arches is also its most dramatic. It features the North and South Windows, which resemble a pair of spectacles when seen from a distance. Photo By: Anthony heflin/Shutterstock

It was a short, easy hike to the viewpoint. But my friend Sunitha and I had been walking on and off for hours, and even
the mild spring sunshine felt sharp on our heads. As we trudged along the red rocks of Utah’s Arches National Park, putting one foot in front of another was beginning to feel like a mammoth task.

But the minute I set eyes on that exquisite stone arch I’d come to see, I felt heady, instantly recharged. I squinted at Delicate Arch far ahead—a ruddy, 46-foot freestanding monolith that seemed to have sprouted in the middle of tableland—and understood why it is the most distinctive landmark of the region; why it features on a postal stamp and on Utah’s licence plates.

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