Planning My Sabbatical with JetPrivilege

Having a JetPrivilege card ensured that all my planning was hassle-free.  
Varanasi. Photo by Frank Bienewald/Contributor/LightRocket/Getty Images.
Varanasi. Photo by Frank Bienewald/Contributor/LightRocket/Getty Images.

I started working just as I was out of college; there was no time for mini vacations or breaks. And, as I was nearing my fortieth birthday, I was amused at how little I had travelled ever since. Back in college, I’d take off whenever I could and the world (rather the country) was my oyster. But, in the last 2 decades, my life was a combination of client talks, meetings and boarding red-eye flights. My travels were limited to hotel rooms and rooftop bars, with an occasional glimpse of the city lights when the flights landed at the wee hours of the morning or took off past midnight.  I had realized that I wanted to spend a couple of more days in each city, tasting its cuisine and meeting its people and just relaxing.  The final decision was to take a sabbatical for a year, travel around India first and then, maybe, other parts of the world.

I loved my job, but I had missed the idea of exploring the country, watching the Himalayas from a distance or skiing on the Swiss Alps. In the hope that I will travel one day, I had signed up for a JetPrivilege membership. Over time, I even got two Jet Airways / JetPrivilege co-brand credit cards – the Jet Airways ICICI Bank Sapphiro AMEX Credit Card and the Jet Airways American Express Platinum Credit Card.

The Jet Airways American Express co-brand card came into my life thanks to all the business travelling I did. A colleague suggested this card because it has really cool travel benefits, especially the accelerated JPMiles earnings (16 JPMiles per Rs. 150 spent) when booking flight tickets on, along with booking discounts and complimentary flight tickets. This card ensured that my tiring schedules were less crazy. Besides earning 8 JPMiles per Rs. 150 spent on other things other than my flight tickets, 10,000 JPMiles as a joining bonus, 5,000 JPMiles for annual bonus, concierge services that planned my whole trip, etc., this card has let me enjoy a whole lot of airport benefits, such as dedicated check-in, extra baggage allowance and lounge access, as well hotel booking, dining and many other lifestyle benefits. Basically I was taken care of during my business travels.

My Jet Airways ICICI co-brand card became my go-to plastic money, from shopping to client dinners, this card came to use for all of it, with a JPMiles earning rate of 5 JPMiles per Rs. 100 for domestic spends and 7 JPMiles per Rs. 100 for international spends. Here too I was silently accumulating a whole lot of JPMiles for every swipe and transaction I made with the card. With this travel break on my mind, I decided to look into all the features of this card and I was pleasantly surprised! This was an absolute power card!

I was very proud of my decision to get these two cards, and decided to start planning my trips now. After much browsing on cities I’d like to visit during my sabbatical, I decided to start with the holy city of Varanasi. The temples, ghats and the beautiful Ganga is all that I wanted to start my travel journey with. I chalked out my itinerary and moved on to other important things: My JetPrivilege membership, my JPMiles collected, and my two Jet Airways / JetPrivilege co-brand cards. I wanted to check if I had enough JPMiles to utilize for this trip.  I spent some time on JetPrivilege’s cards platform (, figuring out the features and benefits I could make the most of. The more I browsed through the website, the more impressed I was, and excited to mention the least! My favourite feature though was the Free Flight Calculator. My annual expenditure was always very high and using this feature, I marveled at the number of free flights I already had accumulated! At that point, with all my earned miles, I had about 10 free flights, pretty much enough for me to go to Varanasi and, maybe, the other destinations I was about to map for my vacation. More browsing through the page, and I learned about their Priority Pass Membership, through which I had access to over 600 VIP lounges at the world’s leading airports.  I signed up for that immediately since I’d need all the access I could get, especially around the world, if I wanted to travel in style and comfort. After all, after all these years of hard work, I deserved it!

Photo by Frank Bienewald/Contributor/LightRocket/Getty Images.

Photo by Frank Bienewald/Contributor/LightRocket/Getty Images.

I have always been a golf enthusiast and again, to my surprise, having a Jet Airways / JetPrivilege co-brand credit card means easy golf access across India. My Jet Airways ICICI co-brand credit card came with awesome golf benefits – a complimentary round every month at premier golf courses across India – and all I had to do was book it online. I made up my mind to include golf while planning my trip across India. I wanted all the down time I could get and playing golf at top notch clubs in cities like Delhi and Mumbai was a dream come true! Plus, I’d get lounge access too – it was a win-win situation!

My travel itinerary was shaping up like never before! From Varanasi, my next stop was New Delhi and I was going to travel up north. Thanks to my Jet Airways / JetPrivilege co-brand cards, I was easily able to book free tickets and discounted tickets across the country for my much needed holiday.

I have one part of my trip mapped out and I am looking at some other spots across the country. The aim is to see as much as I can, before I touch the silver line of forty.  Having a Jet Airways / JetPrivilege credit card is making this so much easier than I expected. Now that I know all the benefits, I surely think I can start planning my retirement trip!

So this was my story, what’s yours? Do you have a Jet Airways / JetPrivilege co-brand too? If yes, I strongly suggest you go and check out all their features and benefits to make the most of your card. If you don’t have one, right now is the best time, because they have a lot of offers going on! The Jet Airways ICICI Bank Sapphiro AMEX Credit Card has a discount of 50% on the joining fee, while the Jet Airways American Express Platinum Credit Card is giving 2,500 Bonus JPMiles only for applying on the portal. These are only limited period offers, so apply now and rejoice for life!

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