Now Watch Netflix Offline, with the App’s Latest Update

Don’t worry about terrible data speeds anymore. | By NGT Staff  
In-flight entertainment options just got a whole lot better. Photo courtesy Netflix

Streaming service Netflix now allows users to download TV shows and movies to watch offline on their tablets and smartphones (not laptops though). For travellers, this is great news: no stress about low data speeds when you’re on the road, or having to rely on in-flight movie options when you’d rather be binge-watching The Crown.

The selection that’s available for download is limited, and includes TV series like Stranger Things, Narcos and Orange is the New Black as well as films like Minions, Kung Fu Panda 3, Boyhood and Pulp Fiction. There will be more content available for download in the future, according to Netflix.

To access the feature, update your Netflix app and look for the download button (which is next to the play button) on episodes of shows that support the feature. According to Netflix’s Help page, similar amounts of data are consumed when downloading or streaming. Download while connected to Wi-Fi, so that you’re saving on data. Choosing to download “standard” rather than “higher” quality video will help save on storage space and download time, too.

The new feature is included in all subscription plans, and available for smartphones and tablets on Android and iOS.

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