NGT Rewind: The Ghouls of Yorkshire, Canine Cuddles And India Food Walks.

The best of Nat Geo Traveller India from July 18-24. | By NGT Staff  
Highland cows amble down a country road in Yorkshire. Photo: John Kernick

What’s New

CANINE CUDDLES: Passengers flying from Mumbai airport’s domestic terminal at T2 have a great reason to get to the airport early: cuddly, comfort dogs just waiting to be played with. More here.

WILD THINGS: It isn’t easy photographing wildlife. In addition to skill, one needs patience, persistence, a keen understanding of animal behaviour, and a bit of luck, as most participants at the Nature InFocus Photography Awards 2016 will testify. See the award-winning photos here.

NEW UNESCO SITES: Last week, UNESCO recognized the heritage value of three more sites in India: the Capitol Complex in Chandigarh designed by architect Le Corbusier, the ancient Buddhist ruins of the Nalanda University in Bihar, and the Khangchendzonga National Park in Sikkim, rich in biodiversity and spiritually potent to communities in the region. More here.

Trip Ideas

STAY: Sea-facing cottages? Check. Delicious seafood? Check. An easy escape from Mumbai? Check. All great reasons why the Uran Plaza Resort should be your next weekend getaway.

FOR THE LOVE OF CHEESE: A fondness for cheddar leads one cheese lover to travel over 13,000km to see how it is made.

BOTTOM’S UP: In the Mexican town of Santiago de Tequila, home to the world’s best known tequila, it’s never too early for a shot.

Travel Reads

TEMPTATIONS ON THE ROAD: Decoding the “What the heck, I’ll do it, I’m on vacation” syndrome”

THE GHOULS OF YORKSHIRE: Part serene dream, part gothic scream, a road trip through the English county of Yorkshire is filled with creepy moors and quirky British charms.

WHAT’S THAT YOU SAY? How South Korea’s penis park saved the local fishing industry. (yep).

TRAVEL READS: Discover Indian cuisine through these scrumptious books.

DEEP SLEEP: Exploring the secrets behind a good night’s sleep.

SLICE OF HEAVEN: Italy’s Lake Como is the perfect place to visit when starting a new romance, but it’s also a loving place to say goodbye. A moving tale of a husband and wife’s last adventure.


FOOD TRAILS: India’s best guided food walks, from Madurai to Mumbai. You’re welcome.

LOS ANGELES, BEYOND HOLLYWOOD: A New Yorker learns to breathe easy in the City of Angels.

GOAN GIFTS: Visiting Goa? Don’t forget to stock up on these delicious food souvenirs.

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