NGT Rewind: Swimming with Sharks, Road Trip Playlist And More

Missed our stories? Here’s a wrap from June 6-12. | By NGT Staff  
Tiger Shark
With jaws and teeth designed to crush and shear hard objects such as turtle shells, a tiger shark faced with a foreign object—like a camera—can afford to bite first and worry about edibility later. Photo: Brian Skerry

Travel Reads

SUMMER OF SHARKS: A novice diver comes face-to-face with some of the ocean’s most feared predators—tiger sharks—and sees their other side.

HOT STUFF: What’s better than burger and fries? How about burger and fries when you’re detoxing in a sauna? It exists: visit Burger King in Helsinki.

PLUG IN: We celebrated the launch of our new site with this groovy travel-themed playlist that will have you itching to hit the road.

BOLLYWOOD DIARIES: On her journeys around the world, Editor-in-Chief Niloufer Venkatraman encounters an amazing amount of goodwill that the Indian film industry has generated for desi travellers.

LIT UP: Sydney’s annual outdoor lighting festival, Vivid Sydney, has transformed the Australian city into a technicolour wonderland, full of psychedelic frogs, melting buildings and disco trees.

CITY MASCOT: The Assamese capital of Guwahati has become the first city in the country to appoint an official city animal: the Ganges river dolphin. More here.

100 DAYS IN HIMALAYAS: Between February and December 2016, Bollywood composer Shantanu Moitra will make a series of trips in the Himalayas with top wildlife photographer Dhritiman Mukherjee for their Project #100DaysinHimalayas. By the end of it, they will have covered the range from Jammu and Kashmir to Arunachal Pradesh, even in the neighbouring foothills of Nepal and Bhutan. This week, they sent us pictures from the Reeh-Kedarnath trek in Uttarakhand, which Moitra found tougher than the Everest Base Camp trek.

Trip Ideas

TEA TALES: Perched on the border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala is Kolukkumalai, arguably the highest tea plantation in the world, at over 8,000ft above sea level. Spend a weekend here savouring delightful cups of chai and sweeping mountain views.

FROM THE EXPERTS: Remember all those times you’ve taken shaky safari pictures and cursed your photography skills? What if you had ace wildlife photographer Kalyan Varma there to guide you? Kalyan is just one of the many experts we’ve listed who host curated holidays. Here’s the entire list.

How to See the World in a Lifetime

Our June cover story, How to See the World in a Lifetime, is a collection of seven unforgettable journeys across seven continents, spanning seven decades. We’ve got Europe for 20-somethings, the perfect African wildlife holiday, and how to plan that life-changing trip to Antarctica. These stories are deeply inspiring—and also break down trip-planning so you can replicate the journey. This week, we bring you journeys to Asia, North America, and Europe.

ASIA: Tracking wild orangutans in Borneo’s throbbing rainforests with teens and tweens.

NORTH AMERICA: Go on a North American road trip with a photographer and his five-year-old son, already an Instagram rock star (he has 2,13,000 followers).

EUROPE: Discover the secrets of Eastern Europe on this multi-city weeklong itinerary for twentysomethings.

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