NGT Rewind: India In A Day, Germany’s Upside-Down House & Offbeat London

The best of Nat Geo Traveller India from September 19-25. | By NGT Staff  
A still from the documentary. Photo: Srishti Lakhera, courtesy of Scott Free Films
A still from the documentary. Photo: Srishti Lakhera, courtesy of Scott Free Films

What’s New

NEW MARINE PARK: Earlier this month, U.S. President Barack Obama established the planet’s newest marine park in the Atlantic Ocean: the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument, which has four submarine volcanoes, three massive canyons, and marine life including sperm whales and bamboo corals. More here.

INDIA IN A DAY: Google commissioned a documentary that would capture a single day in our country, as recorded by its people. The result is India In A Day, a 90-minute, crowdsourced documentary that offers a glimpse into the colourful, chaotic, everyday lives of Indians. More here.

PERFECT STORM: Tornadoes straight out of the Bible, neon purple streaks of lightning and angry storm clouds all feature in the winning images of the Weather Photographer of the Year 2016 competition. See the stunning photographs here.

TOPSY-TURVY: It’s best not to visit Germany’s new adventure house, Toppels-Verdrehte Welt, after a couple of drinks. The cafe-cum-funh¬ouse, just outside of Frankfurt, is built upside-down. More here.

Trip Ideas

WANDS AT THE READY: Attention, Potterheads. The wizarding world of Harry Potter will come alive for one weekend in October in Chestnut Hill in Philadelphia. There are quidditch matches, Defense Against the Dark Arts classes and free rides on the Knight Bus. More here.

GO LOCAL OR GO HOME: Stay away from the royal groupies when you visit London, and get under the skin of the U.K.’s capital with these offbeat experiences. More here.

RUSSIA’S RED HEART: Thanks to a weak rouble, it’s a great time to visit Russia. Start with our Moscow guide that points you to the city’s best cathedrals, cafes and ballet theatres. More here.

THE WILD WEST: Earn your spurs by signing up for real cowboy lessons at the Gateway Canyons Palisade Ranch, in Colorado. Here’s what to expect.

HIMALAYAN TREKS: If you’re willing to give your legs and lungs some exercise, we’ve got 7 scenic Himalayan treks that are worth the effort. More here.

BOOKED IN PORTO: Portugal’s most famous bookstore, Livraria Lello,has been open for more than a century. It is a must-visit for bibliophiles around the world, not least because its magnificent staircase, said to be an inspiration for the Hogwarts staircases in the Harry Potter series. More here.

EATING IN THE CITY OF JOY: From Chinese breakfasts to authentic Bengali cuisine and the city’s best kathi rolls, we asked Kolkata locals to share their favourite eateries in the city. More here.

Travel Reads

OF MYTH AND MEMORY: Located on a steep, rocky outcrop in Israel, the Roman fortress of Masada is the most complete and well-preserved architectural blueprint of a Roman battlefield anywhere in the world. More on this architectural and historical marvel here.

CUBA IS MUSIC: A lovely read on unlocking the rhythm and tempo of the Caribbean island-nation through a shared love of dance and music. More here.

PHOTOGRAPHY ETHICS: Sometimes, in the pursuit of the perfect wildlife picture, our enthusiasm can get the better of us. Notes and tips from wildlife photographer Ramki Sreenivasan and filmmaker Shekar Dattatri will help you take ethical photos in the wild. More here.

CITY OF CAVES: Beneath the streets and sidewalks of Nottingham lies a labyrinthine system of over 500 man-made sandstone caves, the largest complex of its kind in Britain. The caves are a fun history lesson for the entire family. More here.

I HEART FEZ: A glimpse of Morocco’s cultural capital through the eyes of a resident expert. More here.

MAKING EVERY MOMENT COUNT: A stroll through Central Park helps bring a sense of hope in times of terror. More here.

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