NGT Rewind: Hilarious Wildlife Photos, Tales from Borneo and More

Missed our stories? Here’s a wrap from June 20-26. | By NGT Staff  
Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards - Seal
Sam the seal is a loveable old grouch. He enjoys fresh fish, giant hugs, moustache manuals, and telling jokes. Nobody gets them though, because Sam starts laughing well before the punch line, and no one can get him to stop. Photo: © Julie Hunt/The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Travel Reads

BROWSER’S NOOK: From Athens to the Amazon, these travel books will inspire your next epic adventure.

WILDLIFE BLOOPERS: A hamster on the run, a deer caught in a bush, a gorilla picking its nose—images of these awkward moments might be outtakes in another photography contest, but at the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, they are pure gold. Giggle away.

LEADER OF THE BRASS BAND: The charming story of Meerut’s Jali Kothi street, the epicentre of India’s wedding-band instrument industry since Independence. Plus, conversations with a 78-year-old physics graduate with an ear that can detect an imperfect note from across the room.

LONG WAY HOME: On a recent family road trip through India, National Geographic photographer Mathieu Paley documented the fascinating stories of the country’s highway walkers. Take a look at his beautiful photos here.

PULSE OF A RAINFOREST: On a recent trip to the rainforests of Malaysian Borneo, Web Editor Neha Sumitran encounters wild orangutans, bubbling mud volcanoes, and trees with trunks so large, she could half-hug them at best. Read about her adventures here.

UNDER HISTORY’S SPELL: Role-playing actors breathe life into Canada’s gripping past at the historic Fort Henry in Kingston.

WELL DONE: A glimpse into Goa’s São João festival, which celebrates St. John the Baptist by jumping into wells. A piece of Portuguese heritage from Goa’s colonial past, the festival takes place on June 24 each year.

What’s New

MUST WATCH: Earlier this week, Greenpeace released a video of Italian pianist Ludovico Einaudi playing the piano on a floating platform in the middle of the freezing Arctic Ocean. The performance was part of a program to raise awareness about the disastrous consequences of global warming. Watch for the moment when a glacier cracks and then crashes into the water.

HEARTBREAK HOTEL: You can’t spell “heartache” without “art”—at least that’s what the founders of The Museum of Broken Relationships believe. Our photo story profiles the museum’s most unusual pieces, all crowd-sourced and accompanied by little notes from their previous owners.

Trip Ideas

DEEP BREATHING: Looking for a spiritual weekend that isn’t religiously inclined? Our Editor-in-Chief visited Tamil Nadu’s Isha Yoga Centre where the focus is turned inward.

ANCIENT SECRETS: Of Bhopal’s many historic landmarks, one remains relatively unknown—a 300-year-old hammam that still welcomes patrons to this day.

HERITAGE STAY: From bloody battles to Bloody Marys, Goa’s Fort Tiracol makes for a memorable stay.

GOD IS IN THE DETAILS: Spend a weekend admiring the elaborately carved Hoysala shrines in Belur and Halebid, Karnataka, where the craftsmanship is best admired with a mirror and some thread.


FOOD GUIDE: Our ultimate Delhi food guide goes beyond dal at Bukhara and daulat ki chaat in Chandni Chowk. Give the usual suspects a miss and try institutions like Andhra Bhavan, The Toddy Shop, and The Potbelly a try. Don’t forget to pack your stretchy pants.

ARE WE THERE YET: Greece is on everybody’s travel list, and it’s a great place to travel with your children. To ensure you have a wonderful family vacation in Greece, here’s a guide to what to aim for, and what to steer clear of.

HUNGRY TRAVELLER’S GUIDE: There’s more to Manali than backpacker cafes and Punjabi restaurants. Here’s where to eat when you’ve got the munchies.

VIETNAM GUIDE: Looking for quick getaway for the long Independence-Day weekend? Try Vietnam. Our guide to a couples’ holiday in Hanoi and Halong Bay equips you with everything you need to know.

48 HOURS IN KOLKATA: The city’s best second-hand bookstores, jazz clubs, and architectural walks. Plus: Chinese breakfast in Tiretta Bazaar.

CHEAP AND CHIC: Wallet-friendly stays in Mexico, the Maldives and French Polynesia, that will have you scrambling to book your tickets.

How to See the World in a Lifetime

The June issue of the magazine is about How to See the World in a Lifetime, through seven unforgettable journeys spanning seven continents. We’ve got Europe for 20-somethings, the perfect African wildlife holiday, and how to plan that life-changing trip to South America. These stories are deeply inspiring—and also break down trip-planning so you can replicate the journey. This week, we bring you a trip to Antarctica, and tell you why the planet’s coldest continent is our hottest destination this year.


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