NGT Rewind: Goa on Two Wheels, India’s Gorgeous Palaces and Travelling as a Vegetarian

The best of Nat Geo Traveller India from August 8-14. | By NGT Staff  
Mysuru Palace

Trip Ideas

GOA ON TWO WHEELS: Fish curry, feni stops, and ferry rides on a bicycle trip through the sunshine state. Plus, a guide to help you do it yourself. More here.

ROYAL DIGS: India’s palaces are not just architectural marvels. They are living testaments to a regal past, full of priceless art and bizarre legends. More here.

AN OFFER YOU CAN’T REFUSE: A honeymooning couple follow in the footsteps of The Godfather, all the way to the tiny hilly village of Savoca in Italy where the film was shot. More here.

THE WORLD’S TALLEST FLYING BIRDS: Sarus cranes are known for their long-lasting fidelity, and the duets they perform. Top wildlife photographer Dhritiman Mukherjee’s images of these birds and their young, give us a rare glimpse into their lives. More here.

LADAKH IN 3 MINUTES: Magical cloud formations, gushing Himalayan rivers, and sparkling stars in this time-lapse video of Ladakh. More here.

Travel Reads

TIME-TRAVELLING IN JERUSALEM: Jerusalem is like an archaeological layer cake. The 21st-century city is built atop many cities that existed here in different centuries, each with its own riveting stories. More here.

FLIGHTS OF FANCY: Editor-in-chief Niloufer Venkatraman loves looking up at the skies but lately, she’s found as much joy in top-down views. More here.

LEAP OF FAITH: Jordan is a stamp-sized country—less than half the area of Gujarat—but it has a lot going for it. There are Biblical sites, Jewish monuments, waters rich in coral, and desert landscapes that have moved poets and kings. And yet there are few travellers. More here.

CLIFF-HANGER: In a 1,000-year-old tradition, the Irula tribesmen brave swarms of bees while hanging from cliffs in the Nilgiris to harvest honey. A traveller accompanies them and returns with a thrilling story. More here.

SAVOURY SONOMA: Life is about the dinner table—especially in Sonoma, the foodie-est place in America. Taste lime-flavoured olive oil, learn to make cheese, or try “rodeo jax” (bacon and caramel popcorn) on these trails through the region. More here.

GRAZING WITH GUSTO: So, can vegetarians also be foodies? More here.

REACHING FOR THE STARS: Half an hour from Trivandrum in Kerala is Thumba, a tiny fishing village that’s home to the first headquarters of the Indian Space Research Organisation. The centre is named after Vikram Sarabhai, widely considered the father of India’s space programme, and we shared this story to celebrate his birthday. More here.

FOOD FOR THE SOUL: Every Wednesday and Saturday, Kalimpong, 50km from Darjeeling, bustles into life with its market. There’s fresh produce, salty cheese, millet beer, and delicious pork-stuffed momos. More here.

OF MARKETS AND MOSQUES: On Pakistan’s Independence Day, the story of an Indian traveller who tries to trace down his grandmother’s store in Lahore. More here.


QUICKIE GUIDE: Charming Coimbatore has ghee-drenched dosas, mutton pepper fry, and fragrant flower markets. More here.

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