NGT Rewind: Bengaluru Getaways, Waltzing Whales, and #DadsWeLove

Missed our stories? Here’s a wrap from June 13-19. | By NGT Staff  
For a century during the Hoysala rule, hundreds of sculptors worked extensively to create over 4,000 intricate slate stone carvings at the Chennakesava temple in Belur. Photo: Premnath Thirumalaisamy/Flickr/Creative Commons (

FATHER’S DAY SPECIAL: We’re dedicating this Sunday day to #DadsWeLove with a collection of stories that ranges from hilarious to heart-warming: an epic father-son road trip through North America, the journey of a writer travelling with her father-in-law in Sri Lanka, and a piece on the tiger tail seahorse: a stellar specimen of fatherhood in the animal kingdom.

How to See the World in a Lifetime

The June issue of the magazine tells you How to See the World in a Lifetime, through seven unforgettable journeys spanning seven continents. We’ve got Europe for 20-somethings, the perfect African wildlife holiday, and how to plan that life-changing trip to Antarctica. These stories are deeply inspiring—and also break down trip-planning so you can replicate the journey. This week, we bring you trips to Australia, South America, and Africa.

AUSTRALIA: Waves, wallabies and wines. Australia’s pristine beaches, unique wildlife and world-class vineyards make it a must-visit in your thirties.

SOUTH AMERICA: When Jayne Wise’s husband and son announced that they were going on a road trip together, “just us men”, she decided to hit the road too. Jayne had the adventure of a lifetime in Chile’s Lake Villarrica region, which is like Tuscany, Bavaria and Lake Como all rolled into one. Here’s why you should consider doing South America in your forties.

AFRICA: National Geographic emerging explorer Elizabeth Lonsdorf has been watching apes in the wild for 17 years. But it’s only on this visit to Uganda that she saw one of the rarest animals in the world, the mountain gorilla—largest and most endangered of the great apes. She shares her special encounter.

Trip Ideas

BENGALURU GETAWAYS: Make the most of the (imminent) monsoon weather with a quick getaway from the city’s chaotic traffic and noise. We’ve got monastery towns, plantation stays, hiking havens, even an ancient necropolis.

TEE OFF: Looking for a holiday that’s active but comfortable too. Give golf a shot. We’ve rounded up India’s finest courses—all in picturesque locations—that are great for first-timers and seasoned professionals. Plus, there’s plenty to do around the course, so your travel companions aren’t bored to a tee.

HISTORY’S MYSTERIES: A guided walk through Delhi’s Mehrauli Archaeological Park, unearths a wonderful hodgepodge of 1,000 years of the city’s rich and tangled history.

What’s New

MONSOON MAGIC: Boston’s footpaths are covered in secret poems that are visible only after a spell of rain.

BECAUSE EVERYBODY CAN’T BE A PANDA: Say hello to the Ugly Animal Preservation Society, a noble organisation that has been saving the aesthetically challenged since the mid-2000s.

THE WALTZ OF THE HUMPBACKS: When humpback whales want to woo their mates, they dance. And every once in a while, as this video shows, they even have a dance-off. Bonus: It’s narrated by David Attenborough.

AU NATUREL: Over the past couple of weeks, naked restaurants (where patrons dine in their birthday suits) have been popping up in London and Melbourne. Another one is slated to open in Tokyo soon. What gives? And why do they all have Indian names?

CONTEST ALERT: Airbnb has earned a reputation for its whimsical rentals. Their latest offering is a floating deckhouse on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Here’s how you can spend a night on it.


DUBAI ITINERARY: If you thought there wasn’t much to Dubai besides shopping, think again. The city has a vibrant culture waiting to be explored, from traditional Bedouin heritage to its urban art movement. And we’ve got the perfect guide to it.

SUPER GROUPERS: Cities are hotbeds of bold, beautiful, and bizarre cultures. Case in point: the Hash House Harriers, “a drinking club with a running problem.” Here’s a starter list of this and other social clubs around the world that are a great way to hang with locals when you travel.

Travel Reads

FOR KEEPS: On a recent trip to Israel, Senior Associate Editor Diya Kohli, found herself wondering what makes the most vivid memories of a journey.

NGT INDIA @ WORK: Goofy postcards from our staff writers on the road.

HEAVEN IN A WILDFLOWER: Are we recreating entire ecosystems to make peace with the loss of our real forests?

100 DAYS IN HIMALAYAS: Between February and December 2016, Bollywood composer Shantanu Moitra will make a series of trips in the Himalayas with top wildlife photographer Dhritiman Mukherjee for their Project #100DaysInHimalayas. By the end of it, they will have covered the range from Jammu and Kashmir to Arunachal Pradesh, even in the neighbouring foothills of Nepal and Bhutan. This week, we got postcards from Jim Corbett National Park, home to mighty tuskers and a tiger with “a classic Dilip Kumar look”.


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