NGT Rewind: Amritsar’s Partition Museum, Top Hikes in India & Delhi Food Guide

The best of Nat Geo Traveller India from Nov 14-20. | By NGT Staff  
Namdapha India
Trekkers walk through the Namdapha River with the Dapha Bum range in the backdrop. Photo: Piran Elavia

What’s New

BIOLUMINESCENCE IN MUMBAI Over the past week, visitors to Mumbai’s popular Juhu Beach have spotted patches of the Arabian Sea glowing bright blue after sunset. The phenomenon is caused by bioluminescent marine phytoplankton that are disturbed by the churning waves. More here.

AMRITSAR’S PARTITION MUSEUM Amritsar, just a few hours from the India-Pakistan border, recently unveiled its newest attraction, the Partition Museum. The museum is dedicated to documenting the loss and heartache that followed the division of India and the creation of Pakistan. On display are personal belongings that made it across the border, archived newspaper clippings, and audio clips from eyewitnesses in India and Pakistan. More on what to expect and how to contribute to the museum here.

Trip Ideas

TOP INDIA HIKES India is blessed with thousands of kilometres of mountains and hills that make for stunning trails. We’ve picked some of the most beautiful routes in the country, for new and experienced trekkers. There are flower-filled valleys in the Northeast, glossy grasslands in the Western Ghats, and Himalayan trails perfect for families. More here.

SPOT THE SNOW LEOPARD Snow leopards are such masters of camouflage that seeing one is considered the holy grail of wildlife spotting. These elusive creatures roam the high reaches of Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir, on terrain that is near impossible for humans to traverse. The best time to see a snow leopard is in winter, when they follow prey descending to lower altitudes to graze. Plan your visit now with our guide. More here.

BEACH GETAWAY: KANYAKUMARI The southernmost tip of mainland India is a beach holiday unlike any other. Visit the fierce virgin goddess who lent her name to the town, take a boat out to the rock where Swami Vivekananda meditated, and catch the sunset on the sands painted in different shades of ochre. Winter brings the coolest breeze and the lushest landscape—go now. More here.

MUMBAI’S BUTTERFLY HAVEN Looking for a spot of calm in Mumbai? Spend a few hours butterfly-watching in Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Spread over 103 sq km, it is perhaps the only part of the city where humans are a minority. Plus, it’s most pleasant in this season. More here.

DELHI FOOD GUIDE It will soon be sweater weather in Delhi—more reason to fortify yourself with a heart-warming meal. Begin with our favourites from the capital’s legendary food scene: spicy Andhra thali meals, rich pork curries from the Northeast, generous bowls of ramen, and galouti kebabs that are only bettered in Lucknow. More here.

HERITAGE GETAWAY: ORCHHA Winter’s a good time to be in Orchha in Madhya Pradesh. The weather is pleasant, perfect for wandering through its many cenotaphs, temples, and palaces, each one quivering with legends. Plus, you can camp beside the River Betwa, and hit the waters for a calm spot of rafting and sailing. More here.

DIVE INTO OMAN The Middle East is rich in culture, and only a short flight away—ideal for an international trip that doesn’t break the bank—and winter is the best time to visit. Drive into the mountains of Oman to explore its soaring canyons for secret caves and emerald sinkholes. On Oman’s National Day, we celebrated its natural treasures that are well worth the trip. More here.

Travel Reads

WHAT’S COOKING IN THE GOLDEN TEMPLE Go behind-the-scenes in one of the world’s largest community kitchens: the Golden Temple. Kitchen hands peel, chop, and cook, a machine churns out 25,000 rotis an hour, and hundreds of volunteers serve langar to the thousands of devotees and travellers who visit every day. More here.

BAR-HOPPING IN BHUTAN Bhutan is best known for its remote mountains and serene monasteries, but what about other ways of getting high? For a barfly, the capital of Thimphu has more quaint drinking dens than you’d expect in a city of 91,000 people. Our thirsty traveller finds cosy havens, full of girls gossiping, teenagers on dates, cheerful uncles and aunties having lunch, and yes, even the odd Buddhist monk. More here.

TIGERS IN THE CLASSROOM The landscape of the Panna Tiger Reserve is strikingly different from the jungles in the rest of Madhya Pradesh. There are quintessential sal, bamboo, and teak trees, but Panna also gives you the chance to stand over cliffs that fall into deep ravines and gorges. One traveller visits to volunteer with an organisation that’s working to ensure a steady future for both the nomads and the tigers in the state. More here.

TREKKING 101 Trekking is an easy activity that the whole family can enjoy. Choose an easy nature trail, trek to a peak or a fort, or camp in the great outdoors. Use our pointers to prep for the terrain, pack right, and pick a tour guide. More here.

TRAVEL HUMOUR Gujaratis are among the country’s most prolific travellers. East India Comedy’s Azeem Banatwalla takes a close look in a hilarious video. More here.

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