Mesmerising Time-Lapse Of Chile’s Calbuco Volcano Erupting

Take a look at 23 seconds of awe-inspiring power. | By NGT Staff  
Cabulco volcano eruption Chile
Cabulco is one of Chile's most active volcanos. Photo: Rodrigo Barrera/YouTube

Chile’s Cabulco volcano put on an electrifying show as it awoke from its four-decade-long dormant state a few days ago.

The volcano, located in southern Chile, spewed ash and lava miles high into the sky, creating billowing clouds and flashes of lightning. Not unlike what you might expect during an apocalypse. Thanks to a handful of digitally savvy folk, these mind-blowing images are now online for everyone to be blown away by.

Chile is home to some of the most active volcanoes on the planet as this time-lapse video shows. It captures the power and magnitude of the Cabulco eruption and is absolutely mesmerising.

The BBC reports that 4,000 people within a 20km radius of the eruption were evacuated. The ash clouds are expected to reach neighbouring Argentina, where emergency measures are already being put into place.

Take a look at some breathtaking images below. And if you’ve ever wondered what a volcano sounds like just before erupting, listen here.

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