Meet Willow, the Baby Koala, and her Butterfly Friend

Guaranteed to perk up a rough day. | By NGT Staff  
Symbio wildlife Park Sydney Australia
Willow, the koala joey, lives at Symbio Wildlife Park in Australia, 45 min south of Sydney. Photo: Symbio Wildlife Park

This charming video of Willow, the koala joey at Symbio Wildlife Park in Australia has been making us chuckle all day. It was meant to be a clip starring the baby koala, but then Willow noticed a butterfly perched on a branch nearby, got curious and nuzzled up to the pretty insect.

The fuzzy marsupial does her best to shoo away the orange butterfly, but fails miserably. When Willow waves it off her nose, the butterfly lands gracefully back on her snout before clambering all over her face. It’s the sort of video that can perk up the roughest of days.

To meet Willow, visit the Symbio Wildlife Park, located 45 min south of Sydney by road. It is connected by train and bus, to Sydney.

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