Live Sounds: These Toads Belong On A Music Album

Listen to the common midwife toad bring his mates to the yard. | By NGT Staff  
Common Midwife Toad Amphibian
The common midwife toad gets its name from its rather unusual breeding practices. Photo: Wikimedia Commons (

The sound most associated with frogs and toads is a croaking that is often spelled out as “ribbit”. But many of these amphibians have calls that sound nothing like that. Case in point: the common midwife toad.

This toad species is native to continental Europe, often found in Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands and sometimes even in the UK. It is a small animal, with a large head and a warty body that is usually brownish in colour. It gets its rather unique name from the fact that the male common midwife toad carries its eggs around its hind legs after mating. Another feature of the animal is that the entire mating ritual takes place on land, with the eggs being strapped to the male’s hind legs for any time between 15 to 45 days, before they are deposited in the water.

The clip below, recorded by Felix Blume, caught the midwife toads in action in Belgium. Listen to their unique call that sounds like a series of electronic beeps.


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