Live Sounds: Listen To A Rainforest In Borneo Come Alive At Dusk

This chorus of frogs, birds and insects will transport you to the heart of nature. | By NGT Staff  
Borneo Wildlife Rainforest
A frog on a lily pad in Borneo. Photo: Caroline Granycome/Flickr/Creative Commons (

Watering holes are great places to catch a variety of animal interactions and this clip proves it. In 2011, Marc Anderson turned on his recorder at a frog pond in Malaysia’s Kubah National Park in Sarawak and captured some absolutely magical sounds. The national park is part of the Sarawak Forestry and is famous for its various palm tree species and rich rainforest environment that allows several rare flora and fauna to thrive.

Here’s what Anderson had to say about this recording: “Late one afternoon, I set up my recording equipment next to a small pond and recorded for an hour or so. As the daylight faded, various species of frogs, birds and insects came together to produce an incredibly complex dusk chorus. The combination of unusual sounds was strangely beautiful. I’ve had quite a few comments where listeners have described this track as a “concert”, “orchestra” or “performance” and I agree – it’s as if someone had composed this wonderful rainforest symphony with the animals as instruments!”

Visit Anderson’s website here.

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