In Photos: Inside the Heady Swirl of Holi Celebrations in Mathura

How the Festival of Colours plays out in the birthplace of Krishna.

During Holi every year, the city of Mathura and its surrounding villages transform into a technicolour spectacle. Their faces smeared with colour and lit with laughter, people head to temples and alleyways for celebrations that last an entire week. Each day has distinctive rituals, ranging from the playful anger of Lathmar Holi to the sweet delights of Laddoo Holi. Women in ghoonghats, boisterous men, and camera-toting tourists: everyone is welcome at this carnival of fun and faith.

Photo: Mayank Soni

  • Mayank Soni is a travel and documentary photographer with a keen interest in tribal culture. He loves places one can explore on foot. When not actually in the field, he annoys librarians with his ever-increasing list of research books.

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