Photos: Street Artists are Raising Wildlife Awareness, One Mural at a Time

Thirteen threatened species have found a permanent home on London’s railway arches.  
The Bateleur by Dr Zadok. Photo:

About six months ago, a herd of wildlife-loving street artists decided to transform the railway arches of London. Armed with brushes and cans of spray paint, and led by British artist Louis Masai, they converted the drab, mostly grey structures of Tower Hamlets, East London, into dazzling murals of endangered of wildlife species, brimming with life, colour and intensity. In the months that followed, commuters found themselves walking alongside a psychedelic rhino, blooming coral gardens, and a polar bear perched on a fast-melting block of ice.

The project, titled Endangered 13, was sponsored by Human Nature, an environmental platform that uses art to put the spotlight on our species’ confrontational relationship with nature. They hope the works will inspire and engage people to think about their environment—and bring a little colour and imagination to the neighbourhood.


Asian elephant, andy council, ian cox

Asian Elephant by Andy Council. Photo: Ian Cox

Tiger by Vibes, Photo: Ian Cox

Tiger by Vibes. Photo: Ian Cox

Grey-breasted Parakeet by Faunagraphic, Photo: Ian Cox

Grey-breasted Parakeet by Faunagraphic. Photo: Ian Cox

Polar Bear by Jim Vision, Photo: Ian Cox

Polar Bear by Jim Vision. Photo: Ian Cox

Bees by Louis Masai & Morganic, Photo:

Bees by Louis Masai & Morganic. Photo:

Coral Reefs by Louis Masai, Photo:

Coral Reefs by Louis Masai. Photo:

Rhino by Louis Masai, Photo: Ian Cox

Rhino by Louis Masai. Photo: Ian Cox

Blue Whale by Louis Masai, Photo:

Blue Whale by Louis Masai. Photo:

Hummingbird by Xenz, Photo: Ian Cox

Hummingbird by Xenz. Photo: Ian Cox

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