Beirut's trendy Gemmayzeh neighbourhood sports eye-catching street art, some featuring local pop-culture icons such as singer Feyrouz. Photo by Ali Abbas Ahmadi.

Beirut: Resurrecting the Paris of the Middle East

Beirut's stories are much like its people—tremendous and awe-inspiring.

A charming coastal capital, the eccentric city of Beirut refuses to be defined by any one thing alone. Called the ‘Paris of the East’ before its recent tumultuous history, the city has grown into a bustling yet enchanting metropolis. Resisting clichés and turmoil in its Middle East neighbourhood, Beirut finds it hard to contain both itself and its coast. The landscapes here are much like the people. They are all larger than life. Even its buildings have as many tales as they do storeys.

  • Ali Abbas Ahmadi is a Hyderabadi designer and photographer who is always looking for meaningful stories to tell. He travels in search of wonder and aims to break stereotypes and prejudice through his photographs.

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