Plug In: It’s Nat Geo Traveller India’s Ultimate Travel Playlist

Turn it up, and belt it out. | By NGT Staff  
Travel the world with just your headphones. Photo: Kim Love/Flickr/ Creative Commons (

Songs can feel like best friends on the road. The right track, whether it’s off Spotify, an MP3 player, or a mixtape (remember those?) can really set the mood for a trip. Listening to Usha Uthup croon “Kolkata dekho toh baaki duniya bekaar hai” while walking through the City of Joy, or Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” in the Big Apple—they make even the most regular streets come alive.

So we thought we’d have a little fun. We’ve lined up a playlist of songs about places, from Barcelona, and Beirut, to Mumbai. It’s not exhaustive— Youtube, alas, doesn’t have our indie favourites, like Soulmate’s “Shillong”, for example—but we’ll keep adding to it. Press play, and when you get to “Sweet Home Alabama”, do us a solid, and belt it out like you mean it.


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