Go Now: Dance Under the Stars in the Heart of the Thar Desert

Watch movies in an open-air theatre, go dune-boarding and camp in the middle of the desert at Ragasthan Music Festival.  
The Birakha stage. Photo Courtesy: Ragasthan/Facebook

After a hiatus of four years, the Thar Desert will resonate again with the sound of soulful folk tunes, booming punk rock and heady techno music. From February 23 to 25, Thar will host the multi-genre music festival, Ragasthan, just an hour away from Jaisalmer. This edition of the festival has a host of new and well-known artistes and tunes for everyone’s taste, all against the backdrop of the golden sands of the Thar.

Ragasthan’s three performance stages—Morio, Birakha and Ammara—will have sets day and night. Morio, a colorful venue inspired by the peacock, will host rock, pop, and hip-hop artistes from around the world. Birakha, the intimate setting inspired by cloudy skies and rain will have indie artists, singer-songwriters and experimental acts. And Ammara, inspired by starry desert skies, will be resound with foot tapping music and DJs, producers and electronic music acts going well into the night.

The list of performers this year include singer-songwriter Dhruv Vishwanath, Punjabi hip-hop sensation Prabh Deep, folk-fusion duo Shadow and Light, hip-hop collective Swadesi, Canadian electronic group Delhi 2 Dublin, Israeli electronic act BEMET and Rajasthani folk music group Barmer Boys.

When they are not swaying or dancing to the music, guests can go dune-boarding and parasailing, check out the art installations and Ujalo, the outdoor theatre, or just unwind in the festival’s Swiss tents or those of their own. Amble into the food trucks and bars—open 24 hours—to grab a bite or chai in one of the portable thermoses that the festival is offering this year to extend its eco-friendly spirit. With bonfires and hammocks all around, Ragasthan promises not only good music but ample time to relax.

Tickets start from Rs4,500 and can be bought here, for more details on Ragasthan, go here.

  • Lubna Amir is Assistant Digital Editor at National Geographic Traveller India. She travels in the search for happy places (which invariably involve a beach) and good food. When she’s not planning her next escape, you can find her curled up with a book or researching recipes.

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