David Attenborough’s New Series is a Reminder of Why We Need to Protect Our Planet

Take a sneak peek at “Planet Earth 2”. | By NGT Staff  
“Planet Earth 2” will delve into the habits and habitats of fascinating species like the flamingo. Photo: BBC Earth/Youtube

Ten years ago, Sir David Attenborough and the BBC helped us see the world anew with the path-breaking Planet Earth television series that introduced viewers to the wonders of our world—endless oceans, scorching deserts and icy polar regions. Later this year, Attenborough will return with BBC’s Planet Earth 2, which will put a lens on Earth’s fascinating living organisms. One highlight of the six-part series is the study of the rarely spotted snow leopards in Ladakh’s Hemis National Park.

In true Attenborough style, the series includes impossibly intimate encounters with our furry, feathered, and scaly co-habitants. With an arsenal of equipment including remote cameras and drone recording, Attenborough and his team have captured incredible footage of creatures going about their daily business, with an immediacy that makes the viewer feel present in the frame. There are troops of mischievous monkeys leaping across rooftops in India, marine iguanas gliding through the waters of the Galapagos Islands, and ferocious lionesses taking down a buffalo in Africa.

Watch the trailer below for a glimpse. If it leaves you hankering for the wild, take inspiration for your travels from our piece on the stunning biological diversity of our country.

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