Revisiting Moments of #IamTraveller

Created by Freepik.

Remember the days of camera rolls, unexposed film and picture albums? The time you had to wait for days to watch your pictures to develop into actual photographs that could be framed and collected into albums for generations to see? The time you had no digital screen to actually see the framing of your clicks?

I remember the time I was allowed to take the shared family camera for my first ever school trip. I was six years old, the only one from my first grade class who was given permission from her parents to go on a week long holiday to Nepal. My travel buddies were some school teachers and a bunch of school seniors, the eldest ones at 16 years old. The camera given to me was the most basic one, all black, with a tiny view-finder, shutter button and a flash. Dad loaded it with a roll of film that could take 24 shots. ‘Not enough,’ is what I thought to myself, as I convinced my parents to buy me another roll as a spare keep. I had no idea how I’d load the other roll, but knew I’d figure it out when the time came (or just ask my teacher to do it!)

That trip to Nepal is one of my most memorable experiences as a young traveller. I still talk about it like it was yesterday. Seven days later; I was back home with a terrible cold and 48 shots from my little camera. I remember clicking the Boudhanath Stupa, the top of which looked like a giant mandala, and trying to capture the Buddha eyes on Swayambunath temple. I was fascinated at the idea of clicking the very tall Mount Everest in the distance and the snow covered mountains that surrounded me. I was lucky enough to spot (and click) a smelly Yak too!

Twenty years back, when I looked at those photographs, neatly collected and marked with dates, some with parts of my finger over the flash, I knew I wanted to share them with the world. The story of a six year old with a basic camera, trying to click some tall mountains and large pieces of architecture, all by herself, and telling the anecdote of her first ever trip away from home with a sparkle in her eyes.

And over the years, even when my plain clicking device was switched with a fancy digital piece, the joy of sharing my spotted blurry pictures never died.  Those photographs from Nepal speak over a thousand words; they are beginning of a lifetime of clicking my way into new cultural experiences, first with little rolls of film, and now with modern technology.

Even today, the joy of clicking and sharing photographs remain the same with travellers across the globe. They still love showing their photographs, good or bad, spotty or not, to re-live those moments of pure exploration. And technology has made this sharing process so very easy. Every traveller tells a story with his captured image. And every image tells a story about the traveller’s experience.

Nikon, along with National Geographic Traveller, wants to give all travellers a chance to create a moving reel of their travel pictures, and share them in a special way. Tell your story and you could win a camera as well! Share four images from your voyages across the globe, and Nikon will use them to create a video that can be shared on Facebook. Participants will also have to put in a caption stating “#IamTraveler because…” The winners stand a chance to win Nikon D3400 cameras to continue clicking their travel escapades, and creating new episodes in their journey called life.

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