#LiveYourDreams Contest: Kick Off 2017 With a Free Trip to Any Destination

Photo: iStock.com/FilippoBacci
Photo: iStock.com/FilippoBacci

As children, we are encouraged to pursue our passions, but as we grow older and our responsibilities mount, these dreams—especially those to do with travel—are banished to the back of our minds. Going on a road trip with friends, trekking to the top of a mountain for a breathtaking view, watching the sun sink into the ocean—these are the pleasures that make life worth living.

Panasonic Smartphones offers the chance to make these dreams a reality with the #LiveYourDreams contest. Sign up here to win an all-expenses-paid trip for 3 Nights 4 Days to a dream destination of your choice. In addition, the winner also gets a Panasonic Smartphones to capture their memories for posterity, and relive it forever.

For inspiration, Panasonic has created a rousing song, featuring Indian playback singer Siddharth Mahadevan that tells a story that might be all too familiar to many of us. “The song beautifully portrays the spirit to break the barriers, be fearless and take the road less travelled,” said Pankaj Rana, Mobility Head of Panasonic Smartphones -ISMEA (India, South Asia, Middle East and Africa) Region. “While we are working hard in our lives, we miss out on small bits of happiness as the song itself says ‘Laakhon Hain Tamannayein Par Kami Hai Jumbish Ki.’ We need to ignite the fire within, stop making excuses, and work towards making our dreams a reality.”

Let’s promise to make 2017 about the truly important things in life: Put yourself before work, and make time for those who matter. #LiveYourDreams with Panasonic.

Visit www.liveyourdreams.club to enter the contest and live your dreams.