Chronicles of a Vegan Traveller

Whether in Armenia or in Iran, zest for vegan lifestyle leads a traveller to unexpected friendships.  
Vegan Friendships
A forced detour on the way to Tusheti led the author to her first vegan experience in Georgia (left); Badrijani Nigvitz (right) or eggplants coated in walnut paste is a vegan Georgian dish. Photos By: Soft Light/iStock/Getty images (mountains); AnnaJ77/Shutterstock (food)

When Shivya Nath transitioned from a vegetarian diet to a vegan lifestyle four years ago, her nomadic travels underwent a reorientation. Its challenges came with two main questions directed at her from people she met on the road. First, if veganism wasn’t just another modern trend? And second, if it was difficult to connect with locals as a vegan traveller? The writer turned to her travels from around the world for answers, in the bargain forging powerful friendships driven by the common love of vegan food.


Read about her travels through Ethiopia, Ecuador, Iran and Dehradun, as she finds her way as a vegan traveller, one delish dish at a time—subscribe to National Geographic Traveller India here.

  • Shivya Nath quit her corporate job for a nomadic life over three years ago. She has hitchhiked through northern Romania, lived in a nunnery in Ladakh and boarded down a volcano in Nicaragua. She tweets as @shivya.

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