Breathtaking Time-Lapse View of Ladakh’s Tso Moriri Lake

It only takes a minute-long video to fall in love with this wetland. | By NGT Staff  
Tso Moriri Lake Ladakh Kashmir
Tso Moriri Lake is fed by snowmelt and mountain streams. Photo: R Singh/Flickr/Creative Commons (

The gorgeous Tso Moriri Lake, situated 4,595m above sea level, is surrounded by mountains and fed by snowmelt and streams. This wetland in Ladakh is the stomping ground for the Changpa shepherd community, home to the elusive snow leopard, and India’s only breeding ground for bar-headed geese. Saravana Kumar, entrepreneur and videographer, sent in his beautiful time-lapse video from a 10-day trip spent camping on the lakeshore and staying in the nearby Korzok village. These views of Tso Moriri lake are bound to have you packing your bags.

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