Best of the Week: Vintage Cars in Lucknow, Flamingoes in Mumbai, and Where to Go In 2017

We know rounded up our best stories from Jan 9-15. | By NGT Staff  

Trips you should be planning now

ATTAKKALARI DANCE FEST IN BENGALURU Expect edgy performances from South Africa, Korea, and Germany, workshops on dance, and a bevy of kohl-eyed enthusiasts at the Attakkalari India Biennial from Fri February 3-Sun February 12, 2017. The fest draws performers from India and around the world. More here.

WESTERN CLASSICAL FEST IN GOA For most of the year, the 500-year-old Monte church reverberates with stillness. But it comes alive in February, when Western classical music performances are held inside the chapel. It’s a rare glimpse of the heritage of India’s sunshine state. More here.

FLAMINGOES IN MUMBAI Every winter, thousands of pink, leggy birds descend on Mumbai’s urban jungle for the winter, making for a truly surreal sight. Head to Sewri this weekend to see them. This could be one of the last times the flamingos visit—if construction on the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link begins later this year, their migratory routes may change. More here.

VINTAGE CAR RALLY IN LUCKNOW Car enthusiasts should pencil in Lucknow’s annual vintage car rally that takes place in February this year. Hitch a ride in old-school beauties Beetles and Mercedes as you make your way towards the beautiful Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary. More here.

Where to go in 2017

Got a travel wishlist for 2017 and checking it twice? Don’t stress, we’ve done your homework. Our brand new January issue is all about where to go in 2017, for lovers of the outdoors, culture, and urban buzz. Plus, where in India to go this year.

FOR CULTURE VULTURES Sign up for global encounters on a local level with ours picks for the best cultural experiences this year. Immerse yourself in remote villages in Papua New Guinea, feast on delicious Chinese fare in Chengdu, a UNESCO City of Gastronomy, and pay a visit to humankind’s ancestors’ caves in South Africa. More here.

FOR LOVERS OF THE GREAT OUTDOORS Hit the world’s newest long-distance hiking trail. It’s 1,931km of pure adventure through the Dinaric Alps, stretching from Slovenia and Croatia to Macedonia. Scale the region’s highest peaks, sleep above gorges, and encounter centuries-old traditions in the villages en route. What greater way to begin the year? More on that and other must-have nature experiences here.

FOR CITY SLICKERS Moscow’s Red Square, like Russia’s capital city itself, is stunning and also more than what it seems, like a matryoshka nesting doll. It’s one of the grand cities we have pegged for #WhereToGoln2017, alongside outrageous urban art in Spain’s Madrid and the bougainvilla-draped, old-world charm of Cartagena in Colombia. More here.

MUST-HAVE INDIA EXPERIENCES 2017 has plenty of long weekends, perfect for exploring India. Kite surf in quiet Rameshwaram, revisit our poignant past in Amritsar’s new Partition Museum, and spot tigers in the newly expanded Navegaon-Nagzira Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra. More here.

MADHYA PRADESH: FOR TIGERS There’s never been a better time to go tiger-spotting. Thanks to anti-poaching efforts by conservationists and rangers, tiger numbers have shot up from 3,200 in 2010 to 3,890 in 2015—and about two-thirds of these cats can be found in India. See the striped star up close at Madhya Pradesh’s beautiful national parks like Bandhavgarh and Kanha. More here.

BANFF: FOR RUGGED BEAUTY Canada’s Banff National Park is 6,475 square kilometres of Rocky Mountain splendour carpeted with pine and spruce trees and riddled with glaciers bleeding blue into clear lakes—a space big and bold enough to support huge numbers of wildlife, including wolves, elk, moose, cougars, lynxes, black bears, and grizzlies. More here.

MALTA: FOR SUNNY WATERS AND MEDIEVAL PALACES Hankering for a heritage getaway? Malta is most recently known as the shooting locale of The Game of Thrones TV series, but this sun-kissed archipelago has much more to offer. Slip back to a slower time and an old-world charm, with its medieval citadels and gorgeous underwater grottoes. More here.

SEOUL: FOR SLEEPLESS NIGHTS AND CITY BUZZ There’s an old Korean saying that goes: Change everything except your wife and kids—and it’s one that Seoul takes very, very seriously. The South Korean capital is at the cutting edge of electronics, fashion, and food, and without a doubt, the coolest city in Asia right now. Here’s why it should be on your #WhereToGoIn2017 list, travellers. More here.

NORWAY: FOR THE NORTHERN LIGHTS Watching the Aurora Borealis is the experience of a lifetime: The lights twirl and whirl like a dancer floating in the air, the green of her chiffon dress shifting as she snakes across the sky. But catching these spirits of the sky isn’t *that* easy. Here’s the best place to see them. More here.

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