7 Travel Apps for Pet Owners and Animal Lovers

From travelling with pets to tracking wildebeest migrations.  
Traveling with your pets
Travelling with pets is never easy, but a host of apps and websites are working to change that. Photo: Spanish Coches/Flickr/Creative Commons (http://bit.ly/1jxQJMa)

Pet Acoustics Travel can be a stressful experience for many humans, and music often helps calm a frazzled mind. So why shouldn’t it work for animals too? This is the core principle behind the Pet Acoustics app, which has soundtracks specifically tailored to help dogs, cats, horses and birds calm down. The pieces (largely instrumental music) allegedly have the right rhythm and frequency, and come in handy when the animals are in stressful situations like thunderstorms, or travelling long distances in a car. Available on iOS; USD 1.99/₹135.

Pose A Pet If you’ve ever tried to make your pet sit still for a picture, you know that the struggle is real. It’s even tougher when your pet is in a new environment (like on the road) and there are hundreds of distractions all around. Pose A Pet uses sounds (squeaks, barks, meows) to get your pet to look at the camera, allowing for a great picture. No more blurry balls of fur running around in the park! Even better, the app also helps homeless animals find families by allowing users to create flyers that can be easily shared on social media. Available on iOS (Free, offers in-app purchases) and Android (182).

Map Of Life The Map Of Life app is like going on a global safari from your gadget. It puts over 30,000 wildlife species at your fingertips, thanks to a global network of citizen scientists and experts that record sightings of animals they sight on the app. You can record, identify, and search for species, but most significantly, users can even get a list of possible sightings based on their current location. Available on iOS and Android; Free.

Africa Leopard

Africa: Live lets you share your wildlife sightings with fellow enthusiasts. Photo: Anita Ritenour/Flickr/Creative Commons (http://bit.ly/1jxQJMa)

Africa: Live The thrill of catching a lion chase on a safari is unparalleled, but sharing the moment with other wildlife lovers is definitely a way to prolong the pleasure. Upload your experiences and pictures on the Africa: Live app, which allows users to share and find real-time wildlife sightings when on safari in South Africa (Certain sightings, like those of the rhino, don’t show up due to poaching issues.) Use the app’s features to plan your trip better, and follow trails that have had frequent sightings. There are offline maps that you can download (for a price) of some of South Africa’s most famous reserves, including Kruger, Gondwana, and Madikwe. You can also buy the Phone Ranger Safari Field Guide, and enjoy audio commentary, not unlike a podcast, from leading game rangers on animals you’re likely to see on your drives. Available on iOS and Android; Free.

WWF Together The WWF Together app has a stupendous collection of animal facts and photos about our planet’s threatened species. Learn about giant pandas, tigers, monarch butterflies, and polar bears with immersive stories, interactive maps, and features like Tiger Vision that enables users to see how the big cats view the world. Simply point your device’s camera at an object and toggle between “Human Vision” and “Tiger Vision”. They also have origami lessons and a 3D globe so you know how far you are from your favourite animals. Available on iOS, Android and Kindle Fire; Free, offers in-app purchases.

With inputs from Web Intern Sanjana Subbiah.

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