7 Kid-Friendly Trip Ideas to Plan For

Holidays your family won't forget anytime soon. | By NGT Staff  
Grape picking Orchard Fruit India
A fruit-picking holiday at an orchard makes for a wonderful family trip. Photo: Dinodia Photo

Travelling with kids isn’t easy. You’ve got to worry about age-appropriate attractions and fuss-free food choices, and carry enough entertainment options to keep them occupied. We’re here to help. Let our ideas for child-friendly destinations and activities inspire you to try something different the next time you take the kids on holiday:

Fruit Picking

When the sweltering summer seems unbearable, children and adults alike can spend balmy mornings in the countryside, on a farm picking delicious fruit. And if you miss the bounty of summer fruit, there are fruit-picking options all year round. From crushing grapes in Nashik, to strolling through citrus farms in Punjab, or picking strawberries in Meghalaya, there is much joy in connecting with the food we eat. Most orchards with accommodation allow visitors to pick fruit for free, and charge only for what’s consumed. More here.

The Himalayas


Zip-lining across rivers and valleys is thrilling for kids and adults alike. Photo: Samrat Mookherjee, Questrails

It’s never too soon to be introduced to the majestic Himalayas. NGT’s Editor-In-Chief Niloufer Venkatraman first took her daughter on a Himalayan trek when she was only two-and-a-half years old. The region’s stunning natural beauty is enough to have a hold on the young one’s attention – a bright flower here, a loud bird call there. Wildlife is a great way to experience the mountains and the Himalayas’ many national parks make for perfect beginnings. Travelling with teenagers? Try camping at one of the region’s many sites. Get more ideas for young kids here; teenagers here.

Slow Travel

gundbal village

The village of Gundbal near Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir, looks ethereal in the fading evening light. Photo: Sajad Rafeeq

Teach your kids about the joys of experiencing everything a place has to offer, rather than rushing through destinations. Put down that must-see list and try slow travel on your next trip. You can pick a place in India to begin with, so that it isn’t an entirely new experience. Use those long summer holidays to temporarily move elsewhere. Writer Vivek Menezes spent a month in Srinagar with his sons staying on houseboats, roaming orchards, and exploring the lanes of the city. Here’s how it went.

Child-Friendly Treks

chembra mountain

When rain clouds gather, the mist-covered Chembra Peak in Kerala, wears a dreamlike quality. Photo: Neelima Vallangi

It’s always a good idea to get the kids outdoors, especially now that most are glued to their gadgets. And don’t worry about whether trekking is suitable for your children. Most are far more resilient and enthusiastic than adults. These treks in Kerala, Karnataka, Uttarakhand, and Sikkim are perfect initiations into the Great Outdoors. Read more here.

Holidays for the Modern Family

Tuileries Garden, Paris

A carnival swings into Paris’s Tuileries Garden each summer. Photo: Keenpress/National Geographic Creative

Depending on how old your child is, there are a bunch of great destinations around the world you can visit with them. Explore Mayan ruins in Mexico with teenagers, plan a mother-daughter weekend in Paris or go island-hopping on on a multi-generational family holiday in Greece. Get more ideas here.

One-Child Policy

If you have more than one child, give the traditional Indian family holiday a skip and go on a vacation with one kid at a time. Pick a destination or activity that he or she will love, and make it a bonding experience. Maybe your child is a waterbaby and would love spending time swimming in the sea off Pondicherry, while another might love creating things and would enjoy time in Andretta. Our Editor-In-Chief Niloufer Venkatraman found out about the concept on her trip overseas.

Packing Guide

beack time

Negotiate your way around the packing checklist with your kids. Photo: Kiran Foster/ Flickr/ Creative Commons (bit.ly/1jxQJMa)

Picking a destination is just one part of holidaying with kids. Wherever you go, you’ve still got to pack. Here’s our packing guide for the travelling parent.

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